Land Freight

Key Logistics offers international land transport. With land fleet capability ranging from envelopes and small parcels to powered trailer combinations able to haul high payload tasks, we can deliver your freight across regions, across countries and across the globe via extensive land networks. This the most classic method of movement of freight and has remained a very versatile option till this day. Advantages include, speed over short to medium distances, flexibility for door to door services and competitive prices. With our partnership to DB Schenker we are able to offer solutions to send goods globally at a reasonable cost. Key Logistics is the team of choice to get goods to reach any part of the globe efficiently offering great value for money to our clients whether, big or small.


At Key Logistics, we offer land transport services as part of an integrated supply chain solution or as a standalone service, whether on a permanent reoccurring schedule or an adhoc basis.

As well as our core road services we also offer a range of value added services that enable us to deliver flexible logistics solutions:

  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Pick and Pack
  • Multimodal transport services


1.For controlled goods you need, license and permits from relevant regulatory bodies.
2. Always make sure you deal with an accredited agent from SFAAZ.
3. For any size companies, you need to ensure all company documents such as VAT clearance and BNP are up to date.
4. SDL (Standards Development Levies) from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce are update as some permits require levies to be paid to the ministry before getting issued.
5. For more information please get in touch with us. One of our many experienced agents will be more than willing to assist.


Our Land Freight Products

When you are shipping internationally, Key Logistics offers you everything you expect, and more. Growing and global: Key Logistics has extensive service expertise as an integrated logistics services provider.



Key Logistics handles your parcel delivery with the professionalism and thoroughness that you can expect from the leading logistics supplier in the world.

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