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Through our partnership with DB Schenker we offer our customers access to one of the world’s largest rail networks, with around 4200 sidings in Europe.Cost effective way to move goods over long, as well as short distances. A single rail freight train is capable of transporting much larger cargo than a single truck.Rail transport is also very dependable in terms of safety. Rail is least affected by weather or turbulence.Having synergies with BAK Logistics, we have access to rail siding on our premises.


In the world of freight transportation, ocean and air shipping play a significant role in the logistics industry, but there’s another mode that is often underestimated – rail.

Rail freight transportation has experienced downtime since the 1980s. The logistics world is changing, and it seems like rail is making a major comeback these days. New technology and innovations are disrupting every industry and all transportation modes.rail transportation

There are various changes and shifts in the logistics industry, that results in new demands and the need to deploy various transportation modes. Problems in the industry, such as the rising demand for capacity, gas emissions, and the aging generation of drivers are the main issues many logistics professionals face. Using rail transportation for your freight can probably solve some of these problems.


1.For controlled goods you need, license and permits from relevant regulatory bodies.
2. Always make sure you deal with an accredited agent from SFAAZ.
3. For any size companies, you need to ensure all company documents such as VAT clearance and BNP are up to date.
4. SDL (Standards Development Levies) from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce are update as some permits require levies to be paid to the ministry before getting issued.
5. For more information please get in touch with us. One of our many experienced agents will be more than willing to assist.


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When you are shipping internationally, Key Logistics offers you everything you expect, and more. Growing and global: Key Logistics has extensive service expertise as an integrated logistics services provider.


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